one of my neighbors has started her own black market egg syndicate by 'infiltrating' a battery hen farm because the local stores kept running out

anyway quarantine is going fine and everything is under control sure I am sure the country can cope with a few more months of this
lately she's taken to leaving free eggs on peoples doorsteps, but only if she likes them

it's like a weird communist easter bunny mafia situation except the eggs are not chocolate and also contraband
Are the eggs free as a gesture of goodwill? Are they just a neighbourly sign of solidarity? Will favours be expected at a later date? It's impossible to day, but the post-it notes have hearts drawn on them.
my boyfriend calls her the "egg lady" and sometimes he claims to have caught a glimpse of her in action but I don't know if I believe him, she's like a wraith
anyway, if you aren't of a religious bent and need something to be thankful for this Easter, spare a thought for egg lady and the delicious breakfast I am making from her largesse
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