I love it when @DavidPriceOBE draws the distinction between "just-in-case" learning; which our curriculum is full of...you have to learn this just in case you ever find yourself in France in need of buying a stamp (it could happen) and "just-in-time" learning; which is not the...
..same as just being able to Google stuff up; it still needs reflective, analytical, evaluative thinking and some level of wisdom! This is like the @YouTube of learning; I need to learn how to change a tap...go to @YouTube. Or I am working on a STEM project which authentically..
...requires me to collect and analyse data for a purpose. But in this time of Covid19, when the saccharin hit of netflix "chewing gum for the brain" bingeing starts to wear off, I think all humans start to seek a little more fulfilment in learning, "just because". No outcomes...
...no formal assessment, just playfully or seriously learning, just because. This might manifest itself in playing joyously, reading deeply, talking seriously or just plain old thinking about stuff. Just because. Maybe this learning is the most equitable of all. w #beinghuman
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