I am trying to understand all the hate towards @NEJM @GileadSciences and #remdesivir.

Am I missing something? I agree the study is not groundbreaking but Remdesivir is not an FDA approved drug so its important to have more info/data.

To date the most info we have is in Ebola.
I understand its not an RCT (and we need one-there are many ongoing) but the significant trolling/hate is somewhat unbelievable.

We are already having problems getting patients to enroll in clinical trials partly because so many believe the "hype" over #HCQ.
We are shooting ourselves in the foot b/c the more the lay public hears medical professionals speak poorly about #remdesivir the less likely they are willing to enroll in a #clinicaltrial.

Do we want to end up at the end of the pandemic with no appropriately evaluated therapy?
Also, what if they had not published the data on COVID-19 pts who received #remdesivir?

I would be willing to bet there would be plenty of people making comments about the fact they didn't publish and wondering "what they were hiding". The perpetual no win situation.
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