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Firstly Iam a bb viewer and i was supported sidharth Shukla throughout the season only through votes i doesn't like sharing in social media for every single thing.
explaining this just for sidhearts( i think not everyone does this things) who considers him as there child gives certificate to fans just by checking their tweets trends he supported and the main thing if you support shehnaaz then you definitely not his fan by their logic.
But this things they do just to satisfy their ego's and by the influence of some big handles they support sidharth like crazy but they doesn't support the one he considers one and only close friend from bb house and everyone even sidhearts knows she is more than a friend for him.
This is why sidharth fan girls who has crush on him defame her more then boys and sidharth requested his fans dont do any negativity for anyone he doesn't taken anyone's name but he asked this only for shehnaaz but they doesn't consider his opinion and they doesn't stoped.
And he just came live just to request his fans again to stop doing negativity but did they considered him no they don't.
And this is for shehnazains who wants sidharth to use sidnaaz tag sidharth posted his first post with shehnaaz with the tag #myfirstpost he tagged sidnaaz only when promoting bhula dhuga song that too he used sidnaaz 3 times only in insta.
And one more thing he used sidhearts tag only in 4 posts insta and Twitter combined one to appreciate trend and one when he received gifts after that they trended everytime with only sidhearts tag in it.
He never appreciate trends with sidhearts in it i think he is also doesn't liking trends that started with sidhearts and they blame sidnaazains they doesn't doesn't trending for sid they doesn't even consider sidnaazains as sidharth fans they why to blame them hypocrisy.
And now liking this i don't think any wrong in it he shared social awareness message with some hint in it i think he did that intentionally to divert the negativity around that doesn't mean you go beshark and comment only that thing and forgot what he shared in that post.
And one more thing sidnaazains expect sidnaaz tag more from shehnaaz only i think they doesn't expect but she given them hopes please sidnaazains now onwards please don't expect sidnaaz tag from any one of them its a request.
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