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Are We Watching the Ukraine Phone Call Hoax part 2?

Stop and think for a moment about what UkraineGate was, at its core.

@POTUS had a phone call that he knew was "perfect," and knew there were myriad people listening.

"The Plan" between Traitor Vindman, phony-
whistleblower, former IG Atkinson & Schiff was for Atkinson to change the rules, phony whistleblower to lodge a complaint (3rd hand info now allowed under the rules changed at the 11th hour) and for traitor Vindman to get in and change the transcript.

But @POTUS flipped the -
script on the seditionists.

The transcript was locked in a secret folder, so traitor Vindman couldn't make the changes they'd planned in advance to turn it into a hoax impeachable offense.

Rubbing salt in their seditionist wounds, @POTUS released the call so the world could -
see (well, those of us w/ eyes to see & ears to hear) that the phony whistleblower's complaint DID NOT MATCH WHAT WAS IN THE TRANSCRIPT.

They forged ahead anyway, because they were all on a pre-written script.

They knew that "FISA works both ways," so after the plot was formed-
they agreed upon no contact between the seditionists, lest someone be watching and have the "smocking" gun.

So they went ahead with a plan destined to fail, because @POTUS was 5 steps ahead of them.

Cut to:
December, the Dems didn't take Christmas break off (bc they're Godless-
heathens anyway), ostensibly to "work up impeachment."

But what if they were hatching up another plan?

Now, i'm not saying the Dems created the virus, or that they even coordinated directly with the CCP (although I wouldn't doubt it).

But they certainly were getting briefings-
about the virus that was ravaging China at that point.

And they just happened to wait to file the impeachment the same day that America's patient zero arrived in country.

How convenient.

*Pro tip: nature neither makes perfect circles nor has perfect timing. If the timing of -
something just happens to be too perfect and matches a person's (company, party, group's) goals, it probably is too perfect to be organic.

Back to it...

Do you notice how there really aren't any GOOD, logical reasons for why the fear-mongering models were so far off?

Is it -
because, once again, @POTUS flipped the script?

He already had Right To Try passed as law.

He had already been working on streamlining medical approval processes.

But then, he cut off all travel from China long before the "experts" told him to do so...

Did you notice how angry they got when he did that?

Because it wasn't in their script.

That wasn't how it was supposed to go down.

But they already have their lines, all rehearsed and ready.

And remember, no comms during the event, lest -
FISA catch the culprits communicating with each other.

Does it seem to you like a lot of the angry folks on the left, the types of seditionists that we'd imagine could do something like this for political gain, seem to be giving lines written for a different version of a movie?
What if, just like the Ukraine Hoax, they already had a pre-written script, already had it "all worked out" for how it was going to transpire...

But @POTUS flipped the script on them, again?


"Never interrupt an enemy in the process of destroying themselves."
And just a little addition...why haven't the cries to end FISA been louder? Even by the people impacted?

Is it because they need them in place to catch seditionists, despicable, evil people, in another seditionist coup attempt?

Makes you wonder...
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