Republicans have been slowly strangling USPS for decades, and with momentum finally gathering to push for voting by mail, they're redoubling efforts to defund and privatize. Vox has a really thorough explainer:
But, you can help! Using @resistbot, you can send an automated petition to your local House and Senate representatives. Only takes 2 minutes!
The U.S. Post Office predates the Declaration of Independence. It employs the second largest workforce in the U.S. (after Walmart), and because it's intertwined with Government, it was also one of the first employers to hire women and African Americans.
It's mandated to provide affordable, equitable service to every single resident. There's not a lot of contemporary U.S. history to be proud of, but the Post Office is unquestionably one of our greatest creations. It's vital national infrastructure, and it deserves to be defended.
This is a great thread from a USPS carrier with a lot more context as to USPS' history, how it's set up, and why it needs to be protected:
And if you _really_ want to get into it, one of my all time favorite books is How the Post Office Created America by Winifred Gallagher. Thoroughly comprehensive, fascinating, and beautifully written:
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