त्वमादिदेव: पुरुष: पुराणस्त्वमस्य विश्वस्य परंनिधानम्|
वेत्तासि वेद्यं च परं च धाम
त्वया ततं विश्वमनन्तरूप ||

Arjuna B.G 11.38
You are the primeval God and the original Divine Personality; you are the sole resting place of this universe. You are both the knower and the object of knowledge; you are the Supreme Abode. O possessor of infinite forms, you alone pervade the entire universe.
वायुर्यमोऽग्निर्वरुण: शशाङ्क:
प्रजापतिस्त्वं प्रपितामहश्च |
नमो नमस्तेऽस्तु सहस्रकृत्व:
पुनश्च भूयोऽपि नमो नमस्ते ||
B.G 11.39
You are Vāyu (the god of wind), Yamraj (the god of death), Agni (the god of fire), Varuṇ (the god of water), and Chandra (the moon-God). You are the creator Brahma, and the great-grandfather of all beings. I offer my salutations unto you a thousand times, again and yet again!
नम: पुरस्तादथ पृष्ठतस्ते
नमोऽस्तु ते सर्वत एव सर्व |
सर्वं समाप्नोषि ततोऽसि सर्व: ||
B.G 11.40
O Lord of infinite power, my salutations to you from the front and the rear, indeed from all sides! You possess infinite valor and might and pervade everything, and thus, you are everything.
सखेति मत्वा प्रसभं यदुक्तं
हे कृष्ण हे यादव हे सखेति |
अजानता महिमानं तवेदं
मया प्रमादात्प्रणयेन वापि ||
B.G 11.41

विहारशय्यासनभोजनेषु |
एकोऽथवाप्यच्युत तत्समक्षं
तत्क्षामये त्वामहमप्रमेयम् ||
B.G 11.42
Thinking of you as my friend, I presumptuously addressed you as, “O Krishna,” “O Yadav,” “O my dear mate.” I was ignorant of your majesty, showing negligence and undue affection.
And if, jestfully, I treated you with disrespect, while playing, resting, sitting, eating, when alone, or before others—for all that I crave forgiveness.
पितासि लोकस्य चराचरस्य
त्वमस्य पूज्यश्च गुरुर्गरीयान् |
न त्वत्समोऽस्त्यभ्यधिक: कुतोऽन्यो
लोकत्रयेऽप्यप्रतिमप्रभाव ||
B.G 11.43
You are the father of the entire universe,of all moving and non-moving beings. You are the most deserving of worship & the supreme spiritual master.When there is none equal to you in all the three worlds,then who can possibly be greater than you,O possessor of incomparable power?
तस्मात्प्रणम्य प्रणिधाय कायं
प्रसादये त्वामहमीशमीड्यम् |
पितेव पुत्रस्य सखेव सख्यु:
प्रिय: प्रियायार्हसि देव सोढुम् ||
B.G 11.44
Therefore, O adorable Lord, bowing deeply and prostrating before you, I implore you for your grace. As a father tolerates his son, a friend forgives his friend, and a lover pardons the beloved, please forgive me for my offences.
अदृष्टपूर्वं हृषितोऽस्मि दृष्ट्वा
भयेन च प्रव्यथितं मनो मे |
तदेव मे दर्शय देवरूपं
प्रसीद देवेश जगन्निवास ||
B.G 11.45
Having seen your universal form that I had never seen before, I feel great joy. And yet, my mind trembles with fear. Please have mercy on me and again show me your pleasing form, O God of gods, O abode of the universe.
किरीटिनं गदिनं चक्रहस्त-
मिच्छामि त्वां द्रष्टुमहं तथैव |
तेनैव रूपेण चतुर्भुजेन
सहस्रबाहो भव विश्वमूर्ते ||
B.G 11.46
O thousand-armed one, though you are the embodiment of all creation, I wish to see you in your four-armed form, carrying the mace and disc, and wearing the crown.
श्रीभगवानुवाच -
मया प्रसन्नेन तवार्जुनेदं
रूपं परं दर्शितमात्मयोगात् |
तेजोमयं विश्वमनन्तमाद्यं
यन्मे त्वदन्येन न दृष्टपूर्वम् ||

Shri Krishna in B.G 11.47
The Blessed Lord said:
Arjun, being pleased with you, by my Yogmaya power, I gave you a vision of my resplendent, unlimited, and primeval cosmic form. No one before you has ever seen it.
न वेदयज्ञाध्ययनैर्न दानै-
र्न च क्रियाभिर्न तपोभिरुग्रै: |
एवंरूप: शक्य अहं नृलोके
द्रष्टुं त्वदन्येन कुरुप्रवीर ||
B.G 11.48
Not by study of the Vedas, nor by the performance of sacrifice, rituals, or charity, nor even by practicing severe austerities, has any mortal ever seen what you have seen, O best of the Kuru warriors.
मा ते व्यथा मा च विमूढभावो
दृष्ट्वा रूपं घोरमीदृङ्ममेदम् |
व्यपेतभी: प्रीतमना: पुनस्त्वं
तदेव मे रूपमिदं प्रपश्य ||
B.G 11.49
Be neither afraid nor bewildered on seeing this terrible form of mine. Be free from fear and with a cheerful heart, behold me once again in my personal form.
अर्जुन उवाच |
दृष्ट्वेदं मानुषं रूपं तव सौम्यं जनार्दन |
इदानीमस्मि संवृत्त: सचेता: प्रकृतिं गत: ||
B.G 11.51
Arjun said:
O Shree Krishna, seeing your gentle human form (two-armed), I have regained my composure and my mind is restored to normal.
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