Idea: TV detective who solves crimes just by putting in the hard work. Nothing special about him, not a genius or anything. Just a real hard worker.
Oh, also he is an alien that can read minds and see through time, but that’s not revealed until season 3.
Now, eagle eyed viewers may begin to suspect that something might be different about him if they notice that he is constantly breaking open and drinking mercury thermometer for food.
Oh, did I mention that he is a single dad raising a teenage daughter? Well, I’m the same season three episode (3x04) it will be revealed that she is a robot he built and transforms into the car he’s been driving for the previous seasons.
Viewers will really enjoy putting together the significance of her name: Camry. Get it?
Oh, it should also be noted that all of this will be revealed in 3x04 and then never resolved or mentioned again.
Somewhere in season 9, the series will slowly begin to shift. Mid season 11, those same eagle eyed viewers might realize that the previous 20 episodes seem familiar. Well, the secret is, we just started back at episodes one. The whole show is just an endless loop.
This has nothing to do with the plot or characters or anything, just a smart way to save money!
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