1/This is a ⚖️🎯🔥💥 thread of a Patriot I have come across. Please give it your time as the information gleaned will help you put together many dots. Q has said their crimes, if known would put 99% in the hospital. This will help you shape your views about what is possible.
2/Spotlight: @cyrusparsa1 @aiorganization
✅ Mass Genocide in China & Globally
✅ Organ Harvesting
✅ Misuse of AI Technology to Brainwash & control the world (illegal reprogramming of our minds without our consent)....
3/✅ IP Theft of every kind but particularly Illegal Military, Bio-weapon & AI Technology transfer
✅ Illegal creation of an AI Superintelligence on Quantum AI Technology (*which is why they want 5G rolled out so bad*)
& much, much more.
All playing out in a California Courtroom.
4/Although some may write-off the fact that the lawsuit has little chance to ever see a trial, given the scope & magnitude of the crimes accused, Parsa himself gives the rationale in his case summary facts:
5/"This lawsuit is being filed on behalf of the world's people by Cyrus A Parsa & the AI organization on pure altruistic reasons to prevent harm to the world's citizens, from his data sources from...
6/....over 1,000 AI, Robotics, Bio-Engineeting, 5G, Biometric, & Big Tech companies, including 500 Chinese companies, compressed in the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity".
7/The initial filing of a laundry list of crimes against a plethora of Corporate & Government Deep State players happened on December 16, 2019 by one man, named Cyrus A Parsa. This is really a story of David and Goliath if I've ever seen one, and his background is as unique.
8/The court filing received an initial flurry of shares, but hasn't gone mainstream in the Q/Patriots community. The world has changed a lot since December, & his findings deserve the light of day. Not to mention he's been working on this for years before it was on anyone's mind.
9/Dots are now connecting after the Coronavirus outbreak. People are starting to awaken to this horrifying reality of what was and still is actually going on in China & the acts of Treason these invisible enemies (actors) across the globe have played out.
10/Parsa somehow managed to write 3 books in 2019 & used these books as the foundation of his wealth of knowledge about the content in the court filing against many dozens of different individuals and corporations. The list is dizzying.
11/China had managed to stay out of the limelight, but not anymore due to the Coronavirus. The Mainstream drumbeat of Russian collusion & other distractions don't work anymore on We the People.
12/All countries are guilty of turning a blind eye on China, who has been both the aggressor & accomplice to Crimes against Humanity...
13/both in the physical realm with Religious & Political persecution, Organ Harvesting, Trafficking, & in the digital world via AI & Cybernetic Warfare.
14/War in the form of Bio-Warfare in our backyards is what it is finally taking to wake the American people up! Awaken to the fact that Coronavirus is part of the new age of warfare which Trump is trying to eradicate from the Earth once & for all as we speak.
15/Cybernetic Warfare is next if we don't take a stand now. We must be more prepared with knowledge of the Truth and avoiding mistakes of the past. China has not been our friend. They have been a friend to the Deep State & anyone loyal to the CCP.
16/One Chinese man said it best - "Donald Trump don't trust China! China is asshoe"! https://twitter.com/Smilieguy/status/1248632970694594560?s=19
17/This lawsuit puts Cyrus squarely in danger the more it gets exposed to the world. After reviewing the facts, conducting research & based on my own understanding of the world & how things work, & regardless of anyone's thoughts about the lawsuit, he's definitely over the 🎯.
18/The Deep State will stop at nothing to try to destroy Cyrus before any of this comes to light in the mainstream. Going through the lawsuit is a gut check to what you knew might be going on, but never really had the insight or background to do much about it.
19/Here are the facts and details of the case at hand:

Parsa et al v. Google L.L.C. et al

Case number: 3:2019cv02407
Filed 12/16/19
Judges: Cathy Ann Bencivengo, Allison H Goddard
20/Yes Anons, that is actually the case number. [CV]? 24/7?! Seriously. It gets stranger. Q posts 3685 & 3686 about the watch showing 1:29 were dropped on 12/15/19, one day before his lawsuit was filed on 12/16/19. In his filing, he had listed John Doe's "1-29" in there.
21/Those names have since been released in the third filing (link is at the end). Parsa claims this entire string was randomly generated by the court. Q said things can have multiple meanings. 🤔😲
22/(1st filing) Plaintiffs: Cyrus A. Parsa, Judges, Uyghurs, Lawyers, The AI Organization, Inc, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Journalists, Tibetans, Victims of Persecution, Rape, Torture, Concentration Camps, Sex, Human, and Organ Trafficking and Organ Harvesting in China,....
23/....Hong Kong, America and Around the World, Christians and John Does 1-Unlimited
24/(1st filing) Defendants: Larry Page, John Does 1-29, Sergey Brin, Google L.L.C., Sundar Pichai, Alphabet Inc, Neuralink Inc, DeepMind Inc, Elon Musk, Tesla Inc, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc and CISON PR NewsWire (in original filing) - many more were added on 2/28!!
25/RedPill78 interview with Cyrus Parsa @redpill78:
26/In the RedPill78 interview, Cyrus discusses China's use of MBT - "Microbiotic Terrorism" -- China & Big Tech using nanoparticle machines to tap into spinal cords. He discusses in depth how 5G affects your immune system (how relevant now - look at Dr. Shiva @va_shiva).
27/There were and are ongoing Crimes against Humanity as we speak. Parsa calls certain Deep Staters "Chinese Red Demons".
28/He claims a Solar flash could kill technology for 1,000 years because of AI, the equivalent of God's "modern day flood", but that God will only do it if He has to (meaning we've gone past the point of no return & has to be done to save our species from Extinction).
29/He describes the AI Global Biodigital Network & how it relates to Biodigital Social Programming (BDSP). His justification for the Lawsuit was that it opened a new field of consciousness, that it has opened people's minds (it sure has)!
30/He described how AI nanobots tried to stop him (came from a different dimension - gets a little intense).
31/My favorite was when he started describing that we are made in the image of God. That if we realized our capabilities we would annihilate these lowly demons & entities that try to or do control us. We need to cultivate the character of our body.
32/The purpose of being human is to be enlightened & awakened to return to God & to be Noble beings while we are here. That right there put me at peace, knowing there is a grand plan to save Humanity, directed by Trump & with direct authority from God.
33/When you listen to Parsa, you can hear his authenticity. He is working in a higher realm of intelligence. He is a unique "character" and you can hear his truth. He has "paper degrees" (Bachelor's, Masters, started Ph.D.).
34/This will give his word credence to some, but his years of study in the field & highly specialized focuses (training with Monks in his early years, Falun Dafa, Bachelor's in International Security & Conflict Resolution, Masters in Homeland Security are a few examples)....
35/....is what gives him diversity on world perspectives and is what sets him apart from any other whistleblower I've encountered.
37/Limiting cell phone usage, distance to your body (specifically proximity to your brain) is critical as their frequencies are harmful to our bodies. Very hard to do. Let's face it; we're all addicted.
38/Google DeepMind is literally building a digital neural network based on EVERYTHING that you and I do and are putting it into the cloud AND WOULD BE ACCESSIBLE TO THE CCP. No wonder they want 5G, with the current speed we have.
39/Today, it's like a video game with constant lag. 5G gives them truly unfiltered access to your mind. And you thought Skynet and HAL-9000 was only for fiction! 5G is 100x faster than 4G. It's the equivalent leap from US Mail to E-Mail.
40/This is a lawsuit to save Humanity, or at least to inform Humanity of it's impending modern day slavery if we fail to act (meaning Awaken to what has been going on). It's time to wake up & warp your reality into one with endless possibilities in all directions.
41/I will end here with all of the pertinent links to anything related to what you might be looking for, including purchasing Cyrus's books (available on his site or on Amazon Kindle). For full disclosure, I have not had a chance to read his books, but I intend to!
About Cyrus Parsa:
Parsa has also wrote the books "AI, Trump, China, & the weaponization of robotics with 5G" and "Raped via Bio-digital Social Programming" which are available on Amazon.
Why Parsa is suing all of these entities:
Connecting the dots:
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