i talk about sirhan sirhan's innocence in the assassination of robert kennedy a lot because it's an easy entry into covert actions because it's possibly the worst told official story of all time, thrown into doubt if not completely invalidated just by the coroner's report
to be clear, it is invalidated by pretty much any more additional evidence, i just mean the coroner's report is pretty much enough to call bullshit on its own
sirhan sirhan was ~5 feet away from kennedy when he shot him coming towards him. the shot that killed kennedy was from behind him, practically against his head.
more bullets were fired than could have been in sirhan's gun. there is both audio analysis of the shooting (that places two shots occuring in a sequence that could not be the result of just one), and reports of police evidence that show this
there's more details and evidence out there (obviously) but it's literally simple enough to say that the medical examiner and evidence reports, taken with the barest bones of the event invalidate the official government story
this case - because of how poorly told the official story is - offer a great avenue into covert actions, cold war history, government survellience, etc that it's 100% my go to for people that don't entertain 'conspiracy theories'
it's impossible to understand politics of the present without understanding them as a part of *this* history - a history that time and time again i have seen people become receptive to from this one example
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