#DailyUpdate #COVID2019
India is flattening the curve. The growth rate has shown a consistent decline - from April 6th onwards - approximately 2 weeks after the #Lockdown . Active cases are doubling every 7 days.
The 5Day Moving Median for new confirmed cases has been stable. Good!
The compound daily growth rate marginally declining in last few days.... this needs to fall significantly!
1) The total confirmed cases and total COVID deaths in hotspot countries and India.
2) India #FlatteningTheCurve - don’t be alarmed at daily numbers, the growth rate is falling.
Total cases = active cases + recovered + deaths
1) Germany, S Korea & Iran reversed the trend - have large recoveries, but varying deaths.
2)Italy, France & Spain - large number of deaths but higher recoveries.
3)UK - large number of deaths, almost no recoveries (!)
COVID death rates per million:
1) Low but rising in India.
2) Low and slowing in Japan & S Korea
3) High and slowing in Italy & Spain
4) High but not falling in Belgium & UK
1) Daily deaths in hotspot countries and India
2) Change in daily deaths from previous day
5 day moving median of daily deaths in India.
1)Confirmed cases per 100 tests conducted: 4.2%
2)Total tests conducted: 1,95,748
3)Tests growing MUCH faster than confirmed cases, despite conservative testing protocol.
4)Need to test for Community Spread:(a) to identify sleeper cells (b)to make informed decisions on lockdown.
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