My music was used in this Q-Anon video that’s been circulating the web, insta and twitter for the past 3 weeks. It’s like whac-a-mole x 1000 trying to do takedowns on every place it keeps popping up. But it made me realize that @jack doesn’t have a Content ID-type system on /1
twitter, so the only way I can find these is when someone rips them to twitter and uploads them to YouTube, and then I find the name/account and search it on Facebook and Instagram to do takedowns there. In the meantime the video has already proliferated ten-fold just in the /2
20 minutes I spent doing all that. It’s like feeding 20 gremlins after midnight. cc’ing @senjudiciary on this thread because they’re looking at DMCA issues right now. this is a big one. /3
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