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30 Tweet Thread Synopsis - Part I

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5:5 Synopsis
1. It was decades ago when elites of the world's ruling class decided to kill off the majority of the world's population to 'save' the earth.

It would be a mass #Genocide that killed BILLIONS. It would make the Nazi's #FinalSolution against the jews look like child's play.
2. The ruling class would have gained absolute control in every corner of the planet. There was one last 'entity' that stood in their way - the #UnitedStates military.

Fortunately, the military knew their plan & they asked @realDonaldTrump to run for President to help stop it.
3. The Georgia Guidestones 'politely' prophesizes the fundamental sinister principles of their plan to reduce the world's population to a sustainable 500,000,000 people - which means 'sustainable' for them!
4. They attempted to use the #UnitedNations as co-conspirators, operating similar to the Nazi Gestapo death camps to 'manage' [their] genocidal intent.

For them, the UN was a means to an end to continue their 1,000-year plus reign.
5. In reality, the #UnitedNations 'Sustainable Development Goals' were nothing more than a scheme to eliminate most of the world's population so that a few ultra-rich #Plutocrats could stay in power and continue ruling over us.

That was all!

#Agenda21 #Agenda2030
6. They were half-way through their sixteen year 'Master Plan' in 2016. It had begun in 2008 when @BarackObama was elected President.

It was full-steam ahead. The election of @HillaryClinton would 'finish the job' to consolidate their power.
7. After the election, in either 2017 or 2018, they planned to launch a rogue nuclear exchange that brought down the world's economy, using advanced missile technology from #Spacex... which was transferred directly to #NorthKorea by the #C_A.
8. These rogue missiles were to be launched directly from #NorthKorea and possibly from #Iran as well.

The missiles could be retargeted 'on-the-fly' after they were launched toward any city worldwide.

The #ClownsInAmerica would have had complete REMOTE CONTROL of them.
10. The second phase of their twisted plan was to release the #Coronavirus in as many places around the world as possible.

They wanted to infect a large portion of the population with a contagion that spread quickly from person to person.
11. After the phase one nuclear exchange, there would have been a very limited medical response to this widespread viral outbreak. People would already be fighting amongst one another for their own survival.

Millions more would have probably perished under these conditions.
12. But the #Cabal had one more nail in the coffin of humanity to deploy - #5G microwaves.

Many people believe that it is the electromagnetic radiation that is harmful from these cellular towers. It is! However, it's more likely to make you sick & weaken your immune system.
13. The key to understanding why #5G is TRULY dangerous to humans is to understand the #Frequencies that the electromagnetic waves travel from the tower.
14. Every #5G tower can operate at a VARIETY of frequency bandwidths.

But it's the 60Ghz range that is important for the masses to understand how dangerous #5G CAN BE. This particular frequency range is deadly!
15. #5G cellular signals transmitted at 60Ghz makes oxygen molecules unstable - like 'boiling' it.

Therefore, it makes oxygen molecules inert for the human body to consume when it attempts to draw the 0² into the bloodstream at the base of your lungs.
16. At 60Ghz, directed microwaves from a cell tower forces 0² molecules to CONSUME the energy, immediately creating OXYGEN DEPRIVATION or DEFICIENCY within the human body.

It makes it difficult to breathe, and humans can quickly succumb to lack of oxygen and die on the spot!
18. The cabal's plan is to use #Coronavirus to explain away these deaths, even though they are directly attributed to #5G!

No one would have realized it, but NOW WE KNOW!.. #5G at 60Ghz is DEADLY very quick!

They were testing this in #Wuhan!.. 1st Chinese city to install #5G.
19. It was a few years back when they set the #Coronavirus strategy in motion - assured that #HRC would win the 2016 election & start the rogue war first to panic the world's population.

I believe that their acronym 'COVID-19' was meant to stand for 'Corona Vaccine ID, 2019'.
20. And THAT is why we are suddenly seeing @BillGates pushing his twisted ideology to vaccinate the world's population... as he cries out that large gatherings should never be tolerated ever again.

21. They planned to ink a small 'digital tattoo' on your arm to PROVE that you have been vaccinated.

You would not be able to buy or sell anything; or travel on a train, bus or airplane without the ruling elite's digital certificate' tatted somewhere on your arm.

22. He is intimately involved with many aspects of the COVID-19 virus and vaccination scheme, as well as being financially vested up to his eyeballs in it.

Fortunately, #TheGreatAwakening will pre-empt @BillGates nightmare plan.

#Treason #Genocide

This is the END of Part I of this thread (Tweets 1-22)...


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