Holy shit: if the highly specialized crew responsible for operating the *nuclear reactor* on the CVN USS Theodore Roosevelt went down... game over for the aircraft carrier. Capt Crozier knew his letter would end his career. The crime was that he was forced to go public at all. https://twitter.com/johnismay/status/1249462220771201026
From someone who actually used to operate nuclear reactors on CVNs:

https://twitter.com/kimwooster11/status/1249480330404417538?s=21 https://twitter.com/kimwooster11/status/1249480330404417538
I swear, if coronavirus gets on (or is already on) a US SSBN—the nuclear powered, nuclear ballistic missile armed submarines—yowzers. If you thought a cruise line or a ship was a Petri dish, a sub is worst case scenario.
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