for 3+ years many in the MSM have a commonality

DJT Public Policy - Disjointed & Incoherently transactional
Two groups - Drs & Scientists v Money & Trade
But this?
Navarro’s interview is 31 flavors of deluded dysfunction
A simpler analogy
Trump sets a fire
Kushner & Navarro hand him gasoline
Drs & Scientist & career Public Servants pull the fire alarm
Trump calls 911 - says false alarm
Fire then rages - the house is fully engulfed
Fire & Rescue show up
Trump blames them for not showing up faster
So it bears retweeting this thread.
If you are a career Public Servant - do the right thing.
Don’t break the law and leak
Invoke the whistleblower protections
Please your Country needs you to step up.
👇🏻But FOLLOW the LAW👇🏻
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