Chris Evans Antis are pathetic and predictable: A thread.....

Notice they only crawl out of their rocks every time Chris is trending or in the limelight. Example: Chris posted another photo of Dodger today...BOOM: Antis come out. Chris' Esquire interview...BOOM: Antis come out
Chris wishing his friends a Happy Birthday & constantly active on Twitter...BOOM: Antis come out. We can pretty much predict that when Defending Jacob airs & gets tons of Twitter love comments...BOOM: Antis will be out. They can't stand that Chris is so loved on social media...
They were hoping Chris would fail post-Marvel, but he proved them wrong. Knives Out proved a mega-success & Defending Jacob is already getting awards buzz. You notice the only hate Chris gets is from the jealous other fandom antis on Twitter. You read anywhere else, & he's loved.
A recent poll of who you would want to get quarantined with. The results: you guessed it, Chris Evans. So antis, tell me, why didn't they choose your Sebastian Stan, or Chris Hemsworth, or Jake Gyllenhal, or Robert Pattinson, ect?
I mean, if Chris Evans is supposed to be ugly, look 20yrs older & be a racist & zionist, it's funny only you antis see that when the rest of the world sees a gorgeous, talented actor who has a heart of gold & is constantly active on social media winning more hearts every day.
It isn't hard to figure out the predictable and envious nature you Chris Evans antis obviously show. Anyone with brain cells would know that you're all jealous of the success, attention & love Chris gets while your idol is in his shadow.
It isn't Chris' fault that he constantly gets attention from the media gushing about his lovable tweets about Dodger or his precious Charity work reading children's books. Maybe if your idols did more of that, they would get attention too.
Here's a thought. Instead of trying to drag Chris every single time he trends or the umpteenth time a social media article pops up about him, how about spending more time trying to promote the idol you stan, since they surely could use it.
You are not gaining anything by trying to drag Chris every time he pops up on the timeline. Notice the only likes/retweets Chris you antis get are from fellow antis from the same fandoms. You may think you look big on Twitter but you are a tiny fraction in social media....
compared to the utter respect & love Chris Evans gets from the internet as a whole and the whole world in general. Heck, even the legendary Stan Lee loved Chris Evans best out of all the Marvel actors so your unwarranted hate has been trumped. Case closed.
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