Easter evening thoughts:
For many, going to church (now watching the service at home) on Easter really has no Jesus significance. It is like wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, eating turkey on Thanksgiving, or going to see fireworks on the 4th of July.
I do love that people show up (tune in). What an opportunity for them to really know why this isn’t about some random metaphor for spring or new beginnings. This is about Jesus securing our justification and conquering death.
Easter changes everything. If I posted “He is risen” or “Happy Easter” today, but I’m not following Jesus tomorrow, I am the equivalent of a 2nd grader giving Valentine’s to the whole class on February 14th, but thinks girls have cooties. He does it only b/c that’s the custom,
or mom makes him. Jesus proved he was the one he claimed to be by rising from the grave. The Bible says “all things have been created through him and for him.” That same Jesus came to seek and save us.
That is who rose from the grave. Jesus, who came to save sinners by his life, death, and resurrection. Cultural Christianity believes in Easter Sunday, but doesn’t care much for Monday. Let’s change the game in Tallahassee by leaving our figurative Easter outfits on all year.
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