today i’ve found myself grieving more than rejoicing. grieving what once was: school, relationships, community, my church in iowa, etc.
easter sunday looked vastly different than anyone could have predicted even just 6 weeks ago. who would imagine that churches and homes would be empty on a day that usually draws families together.
if anything, this season, and today especially, has reminded me that this world is not my home. this world is broken, temporary, and full of uncertain things.
so while we are all in this “waiting” — waiting to know what the future holds, to know if our job is secure, to know what life will look like after this — i hope that we can all find hope.
ultimately i want to have hope in the certainty of Jesus. in his promises and in the truths of his resurrection and what that means for me.
so whether you follow Jesus or not, it’s my desire for you to find hope in this season. something you can look to, someone you can talk to, pr something that is a light at the end of the tunnel.
either way. in this time of uncertainty, waiting, and fear, know that it is okay to grieve. it is okay to be sad. it is okay to cry.
but today I am striving to find my joy in Jesus. in his death and resurrection. in his promises. in his truths. and i hope you can, too.

happy easter! the tomb is empty — he is risen. he is risen indeed!
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