It's super weird and only slightly irritating that a pandemic was needed for there to be wider adoption of public online means of participation and dissemination in scholarship. Let's hope Zoom fatigue does not mean we all go back to paywalled offline comforts sans pandemic.
I've tweeted variations of that same idea in the last four weeks; no doubt I feel it still needs to be said that we need to take a hard look at ourselves and check again the privilege that has hurdled innovation, accessibility and openness.
On the positive side we are seeing it is clear we have had the means to do things differently, many hadn't just put themselves in the position of others lacking the same things we had until now taken for granted. #openaccess #scholcomm
To clarify the first tweet in this thread- it will be great to be able to meet in person again whenever possible- I just hope that if/when that happens we don't forget there's many that by default will always already require open and remote means of access and participation.
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