Y’all gonna get tired of me today😭 I’m doing a thread of me dancing punta and giving y’all some facts about the Garifuna culture!
- this song is called Yurumein, it’s the Garifuna Anthem. It talks about my ancestors arrival to Honduras from St. Vincent. #GarifunaTwitter
Garinagu people are the only group of African descendants that weren’t slaves. We had a chief named Joseph Chatoyer who led them to fight against Europeans. We won the first war and shortly after they killed the chief. So they ended up exiling us and we ended up in Punta Gorda🇭🇳
We are not only in Honduras! We are also in Guatemala, Nicaragua & Belize. Every country celebrates a different settlement day but today is for the first arrival in Central America. Punta Gorda in Roatán Honduras is the first Garifuna pueblo
Our flag has three colors. Yellow, White and Black. Yellow💛= Amerindian heritage, hope and liberation. White🤍=peace and freedom. Black🖤= Africa, death and suffering. @Apple I’m going to need a Garifuna flag emoji🙂
We have other dances besides punta. This is Wanaragua also know as Mascaro or Jankunu. men usually dress up to resemble a women. This is our warrior dance. It is said that during the war the men dressed up as women, as a tactic against the Europeans so they can defeat them.
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