1/5... Now we know what @RosieBarton & #FakeNews @CBCNews were covering up when they pulled away from the live feed yesterday. @cafreeland speaking as though Canadians are just downright dumb. #QAnon says #TheyThinkYouAreStupid & #ThesePeopleAreStupid . We know #CSIS NOT #MEDINT
2/5... I wonder if @realDonaldTrump knows of the dictatorship being created north of their border? With #StateMedia to boot. Watch @cafreeland burst into flames as @PierrePoilievre holds her feet to the fire. @JustinTrudeau sits idly by. Still no 'yes' or 'no' from #SorosPuppet
5/5... finally we get truth. @PierrePoilievre says what our DeputyPM would not. CDNS should be outraged and the @CPC_HQ should be aggressively pursuing criminal charges, but they're not. We demand an Inquiry! 2,000 allowed in from Hubei in LATE JANUARY!

The answer was a loud NO!
4/5... I can't even make sense of her answer here as she mumbles and jumbles aka finds lies for her lies. If we ignored Patriotic Soldiers' Intelligence to push the #UnitedNations & #WHO aka #BillGates & #China agenda, sounds like Treason. @POTUS banned China flights Jan 31st !
3/5... In this one, #Globalist Freeland thinks we don't know that mandatory isolation only came into effect on March 25th. Her 'answer' is a BS answer & she doesn't give a number either. Deflection, deflection. @MaximeBernier would have had competent people running Canada !
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