This possibility just blew my mind:

The suggestion that Trump wants to kill USPS because he doesn't like how the Washington Post covers him, and he thinks killing USPS will hurt Amazon and therefore will therefore hurt Bezos and the Post.

2 problems.
Amazon has been transitioning to its own private delivery service because of these threats from Trump, so Amazon will survive.

Arguably, Amazon has helped USPS more than the other way around.

USPS Employs 600,000 workers. Rural areas and small businesses depend on USPS.

. . . having never actually been a billionaire himself, Trump doesn't understand that this really isn't going to hurt Bezos, who is worth $124 billion.

This won't hurt Bezos.

But it WILL hurt rural America and smaller states.

What a doofus.

There are ways around using the mail for mail-in ballots, with the exception of oversees military personnel. That would be hard.

Each county handles their own, so think county-by-county.
You can pick up. You can drop off. Some states have ways. . .
. . . to download ballots because they have barcodes. People who don't have printers can pick their up, or get a friend to help.

It can be planned in advance, so it's easier than juggling in-person voting. What if you get sick that day? Don't have transportation? . . .
. . . your polling place is closed? You don't have time to sit in line for 3 hours, or whatever.

Wicked thought: Amazon could deliver ballots :) 😂
This is correct, which is another reason the rural (red-leaning) districts in the country would be hurt the most.

Interesting tidbit from my research on FDR. He brought electricity to rural areas in Mississippi. When he proposed his plan . . .
. . . the Republicans called is communism and socialism.

FDR was a top-notch politician and knew how to answer such silliness.

He said, "“I tell them it is neither fish nor fowl, but whatever it is will taste awfully good to the People of the Tennessee Valley.”
It was Tennessee, not Mississippi !!

So it's true that it's expensive to go to rural areas and "conservatives" have always resisted serving those communities.

But it wouldn't hurt Amazon. Why would it? They won't go because it wouldn't be cost effective.
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