MEGA-THREAD👇New documentary “Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus”

While @EpochTimes began publishing #CCPVirus reports on Jan. 2, most outlets had yet to pick up the story because of the #CCP’s #Censorship of information.

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The film “really tries to sift through all of the rumors, all of the truths, all of the falsehoods, and show people as accurate a picture as possible of what really happened and where this virus actually came from,” @JoshJPhilipp said.

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A report cited in @TheLancet challenged the #CCP's conclusion that the #Coronavirus originated in #Wuhan's Huanan Seafood Market.

The evidence revealed that a significant number of early #CCPVirus patients had no connection to the Seafood Market, suggesting an alternate source.
Experts say that the #CCP may have used the Huanan Seafood Market to distract from the real source of the outbreak, which some suggest could be the Wuhan Virology Institute's P4 Bio lab.

They suggest this was an intentional #CCPCoverUp of the origins of the #Coronavirus.
#CCPCoverUp: "It appears that the party's main goal here is suppression of information, controlling the narrative—that's more important to them than actually ending the epidemic," says #China expert @GordonGChang.
It should be very telling that the 9-person panel the #CCP created to address the #Pandemic, once it finally acknowledged the #CCPVirus in January, is filled with #Propaganda officials, @GordonGChang added.
"There's no transparency. They tried as long as they could to cover it up until…they could no longer cover it up."

Gen. @Robert_Spalding compared the #CCPCoverUp of the #CoronavirusOutbreak "is exactly the same" as the #CCP's response to the #SARS outbreak in 2003.
If the Huanan Seafood Market isn't the source of the #CCPVirus, then where did the virus originate?

Experts found the virus is "highly similar to bat, SARS-like Coronavirus previously discovered by the Nanjing Military Institute," suggesting the virus is "laboratory driven."
Dr. Judy A. Mikovitz says that published research in #Wuhan regarding the 'Spike Proteins' from #SARS is further evidence that the #CCPVirus is "lab-derived," rather than being from a natural mutation.

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"The Shanghai P3 Laboratory, which first shared the Wuhan Coronavirus genome with the world, was ordered to close by authorities, impeding further research on the virus."

What was the #CCP trying to hide?
The key to the #CoronavirusOutbreak could be Chinese virologist and researcher in #Wuhan Shi Zhengli.

Shi Zhengli's research was focused around developing cross-species infectious varieties of the #Coronavirus.
In October 2013, Shi Zhengli's team claimed a breakthrough in #Coronavirus research by successfully isolating 3 viruses from bats—effectively demonstrating the human infection of #SARS-like viruses to humans, without the need for an intermediary host.
The Obama Administration suspended funding into similar research in 2014, due to potential threats to #PublicHealth.

After the #Wuhan outbreak, Indian researches discovered that the new #Coronavirus had 4 new sequences inserted.
"Is it for a weapon? Is it so that you can then create a vaccine that you are the sole recipient of the profits from?"

Gen. @Robert_Spalding questions #Beijing's motives in funding research into a #Coronavirus which could infect humans.
"China is propagating this narrative that we spread the Coronavirus to China. So the United States just needs to come out with the facts"

#China expert @GordonGChang says "it's time for the United States to defend itself" from #Beijing's dangerous #Propaganda efforts.
Common sense would lead the #CCP to first inspect #Wuhan's P4 Laboratory for any leakage incident or potential safety incidents. Instead, they shifted attention to the Huanan Seafood Market.

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"It's not a conspiracy theory to think that the Coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab. We don't know at this point. And until we know, the theory about the lab origin is certainly something that we should consider," @GordonGChang said.

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#Wuhan's Virology Institute displayed a series of abnormal events since the start of 2020, including being strangely silent in a time when they should be leading the charge in response, @JoshJPhilipp says in the documentary.
A timeline of events:
Jan 2. — The Wuhan Virology Institute's Director-General restricts disclosure of info related to the disease
Jan 21. — #Remdesivir is patented by the Wuhan Virology Institute
Feb. 3 — A #Whistleblower Doctor blames Shi Zhengli's haphazard management for…
…the #CCPVirus potentially leaking from the lab.
Feb. 4 — A #Whistleblower Chairman of Duoyi says the Institute is responsible for manufacturing and leaking the virus.
Feb. 7 — A Chinese military top biochemical expert officially assumes control of the P4 lab.
Feb. 14 — #XiJinping calls for the inclusion of biosecurity into #China's #NationalSecurity framework.
Feb. 15 — The Wuhan Virology Institute refutes rumors that female graduate student Huang Yanling was patient zero, and that she perished from the #CCPVirus.
"You can see the breakdowns in safety, and it's everywhere."

Dr. Judy Mikovitz says that the lack of safety regulations in #China's laboratories could be responsible for a leak from #Wuhan's P4 lab.
In the documentary, @JoshJPhilipp breaks down how the Wuhan P4 Laboratory is connected to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the China Academy of Sciences, and #China's military, the People's Liberation Army.
“One important thing to understand is they talk about war without morals. They talk about ‘unrestricted warfare’: war that does not take into account any concept of human rights, human dignity, human life. It is victory by any means,” @JoshJPhilipp said.
The #CCPVirus may very well likely be the result of #BiologicalWarfare research in #China, says Gen. @Robert_Spalding.

"They want to be the most advanced nation on earth when it comes to biological weapons," he said.
“They don’t care about human life when it comes to this regime—we’ve seen that in their human rights abuses,” @JoshJPhilipp said.

The documentary’s experts remind us: This is a nation that currently holds at least 1 million of its own people in #ConcentrationCamps.
"There are a lot of concerns about what China's ambitions are regarding long-term global domination," says former intelligence officer Tony Schaefer ( @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y).

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"There is a war. China's told us there's one."

#China expert @GordonGChang explains that the #CCP has already declared war on the United States.
"You can see that the WHO is essentially following Chinese Communist Party guidelines," says Gen. @Robert_Spalding.

The #CCPVirus, as well as international organizations like @WHO, are weapons the #CCP employs in its "Unrestricted Warfare" strategy to achieve global dominance.
"Every country has diseases, but in China they become national emergencies and global emergencies—because the real disease here is communism," says @GordonGChang.

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#China's sprawling and aggressive #Disinformation push over recent weeks has 3 goals:
— to deflect blame over the #CCP's botched handling of the virus
— to sow discord internationally
— to portray the image that the Chinese regime has contained the outbreak
The primary objective of the #CCP is maintaining its power, according to Tony Schaffer @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y.

"The central party is the thing which they want to protect—their power. People and nation issues are secondary to the continuation of power," says Schaffer.
"Chinese communism is evil," says @GordonGChang.

The @EpochTimes has decided to refer to the new #Coronavirus—which originated in #Wuhan, #China—as the #CCPVirus in an effort to hold the #CCP responsible for its part in covering up the outbreak, leading to the #Pandemic.
Individuals, law groups, international bodies, and nations are now working to hold #China's #CCP responsible, advocating for #Reparations for causing the #Pandemic.
"Let's start inspiring people to love democracy and transparency and open markets, not what the Chinese have," says Gen. @Robert_Spalding.

The #Pandemic gives us the opportunity to "reevaluate the kind of world we want to live in," he says.
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