1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 12, 2020

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My Theme: Bigger Than You Can Possible Imagine
2) The media use psychological warfare to gain the trust of followers.

They refer to themselves as "mainstream."

The word "mainstream" has a connotation of being widely accepted.

Their information is considered reliable by many people despite the falsehoods they publish.
3) By contrast, the media universally refer to Qanon and his followers as "fringe" movement.

The word "fringe" carries the connotation of being unpopular and wacky.

Information from fringe sources is considered to lack credibility.
4) The media label Q as "fringe" because Q reports on current and historical events in a way that opposes the reporting of the media.

If the media want to maintain their following and continue controlling the narrative, they must attempt to discredit Q.
5) To prove that Q's following isn't merely a few thousand baby-boomers in America's Heartland (as the media claim), #Qanon occasionally posts messages of support from around the world.
6) Last night, Q posted links to photos and videos from supporters around the globe.

These are the links. I'll post the photos and videos below.
7) From @ColinSkow
9) From @Education4Libs
10) From @HFDeltaDave
11) From @rochelle_coombs

12) From @QJohnAugustus

13) From @Wilm30451797
14) From @SLYUnser
15) From @TravisR03869899
16) From me.
17) From @Mc_Assy_
18) From @refrgmstr

19) From @Hev123truthsee1
20) From @Tdabz
21) @QTheWakeUp has many more photos & videos on their page.

22) The media downplay the significance of Q's mission but his reach is bigger than you can imagine.
23) Q posted a link to a remarkable documentary that tells how a former Hollywood stunt man discovered the realities of hidden corruption.
24) I watched the film "Out Of Shadows" Last night.

It's a brilliantly told story with high-end production values.

The film would be a great red-pill for friends and relatives who are under the delusion of the mainstream narrative.
25) If you'd like to follow the accounts of the film's creators 👇


26) [F]oreign black ops sites used for human trafficking have been closed.

There is no proof that MK-Ultra programs have ceased, and there is abundant evidence of their continued use.

Details of those operations are classified but (some) will be revealed at a future time.
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