Democratic Party leaders calculated that they could win in November without the left and thus rid themselves of it for a generation. We’ll find out pretty soon if they were right.
I understand the frustration with these folks, but we’ve known they exist for years and they didn’t keep their views a secret during the primary. Maybe they’re mathematically relevant and maybe they’re not, but the Biden pick was an attempt to crush this faction.
Common response here is some version of "it wasn't the leaders, it was the voters." Yes. Party leaders made a clear choice -- that's why there was a flood of endorsements for Biden ahead of Super Tuesday. And voters agreed. The left doesn't have the numbers to be relevant.
My worry is that Democrats don't have the votes to win a general election without the left. Maybe they do. We'll find out. But it's silly to blame the faction that just got crushed if it doesn't work out. They lost because they have no power.
The problem for "the left" -- basically anybody attracted to the ideas of Warren or Sanders -- is that the Democratic Party either doesn't need them and can win without them, or does need them, but won't give them power. Either way, it's not a good place for the left to be.
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