I have been quiet about alot of things and theories said about Pakistan in India for the sake of maintaining peace but this is height and I expect my friends there to understand I have nothing against you and India but here Ive to speak abt the vile nature of Indian media n gov+ https://twitter.com/ShirazHassan/status/1240180183497412608
Coronavirus is a pandemic affecting entire world, yet IM blames Pak for this misfortune kabhi its abt Pak sending ppl across border to start a bio war, kabhi its abt first lady of Pak being infected and THE MOST GROSS THING IS WISHING DEATH FOR US
Both India and Pakistan need to work to achieve peace but under Modis rule that step from India looks impossible and any step that Pak would take is futile because there is no recipient on the other end
(When I say Pak and India I strictly refer the governments)
Having differences is another thing but propagating so much hate for someone even during such crisis is just plain wicked. If not for the sake of peace and harmony atleast stop circulating such absurd theories for the sake of your credibility in int world
Like I said it in starting its not targeting India or Indians its strictly abt Indian media and government.
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