Some of you have pointed out that this account is tweeting less recently.

Been struggling a lot with having too much to say, so not able to say anything.
By now everyone knows to wash their hands, stay physically apart, stay home. You’re either doing that or you’re not. And there are so many resources out there, and a lot of accounts sharing them.
People seem to (understandably) think a lot about the word “pandemic”, about what happens when a pandemic hits.

But what do you say in the middle of a pandemic, when a pandemic is a part of daily life? Sometimes mundane, sometimes it’s acute. But it’s just there, a part of life.
A communications channel for one piece of a state’s government is not going to have all the answers. But sometimes even the questions are hard to tackle.

What, really, are the sacrifices we’re all going to be willing to make to build a better world when this is over?
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