1/ it’s been five days since I last posted an updated review of Oregon-specific #COVID19 data. There have been some big announcements in the interval about how Oregon continues to #FlattenTheCurve, so I will include that info along with updated versions of the models. https://twitter.com/aoglasser/status/1247561198783983616
2/ yesterday’s update from @OHAOregon
https://twitter.com/ohaoregon/status/1249116081425395713?s=21 https://twitter.com/ohaoregon/status/1249116081425395713
3/ starting last week @OHAOregon also started releasing info via this profile tool. This graft shows positive cases (x axis is date of symptom onset)
Can we say we’ve peaked? Maybe not—I’ve seen more of a discussion about how we are in the plateau
4/ also from the @OHAOregon profile
Number of Oregonians tested. There has been drop off in testing on the weekends, though I’m not sure why the numbers for last week look low (maybe there’s a reporting lag??)

Positive rate is currently 5%

5/ in the past week, @OHAOregon released a weekly report

This was published 4/7/2020, so I will keep an eye out for an update in the next few days

6/ more granular information from @OHAOregon, including demographics, hospital bed utilization, and available hospital resources

County specific data is also available online

10/ looking back at the data from @OHAOregon, the majority of deaths are in older patients, and data is being recorded about underlying conditions along with other risk factors
11/ broader look at trends, from

Oregon’s trend line overall appears to be improving
New cases confirmed per day oscillate between ~50 to 70-80 (per OHA daily updates)

So, what does this mean??
13/ from that article—this is the very good news about strict #PhysicalDistancing to #FlattenTheCurve

Estimated 18,000 new cases and ~500 hospitalizations AVOIDED!
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