If your account is devoted to "putting Trudeau in jail", I'm going to guess you're not the most skilled data analyst, and you may not objective in your views of public health.

In fact, there's a good chance you're a foreign-funded troll. I've been expecting you.
It's because of the existence of trolls that we show a red arrow to shift the red curve leftward, through education. Scientists & doctors & public health advocates try to push it leftward using info; naysaing trolls try to push it rightward using misinfo.
The opposing curves illustrate how all bureaucracies are "slow to react" relative to scientists on the ground. That's because it takes time to gather data & interpret it & communicate it to officials who know how to get it to leadership, whose job is to take decisive action.
It doesn't matter what political party you come from. You're not as insightful or as responsive as the scientists & doctors on the ground, which is why there is always an information-action gap ,"G".
Any idiot journalist can point at the information-action gap and say it exists. I told you 7 years ago that it exists! There is always a gap. The question is what should we do about it.
And right now is *not* the time to answer that question. The people most able to answer it are up to their eyeballs in anti-virus combat.

To ask those people to be held to account *now* is nefarious sedition.

"There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done."
Political opportunists who say "we would have reacted faster and done more if we'd been in power" ... maybe, but:
(1) there is a bureaucratic nugget "G" that no party overcomes;
(2) let's look at some actual data of concern over time by party:
Had the Democrats been in power, yes, more would have happened sooner in the United States.

Had the Conservatives been in power in Canada, we would be following the lead of the wacky "herd immunity" theorists backing Trump & Johnson.
If you don't believe me, look up my conversation with Rachel Curran around March 11th.

Or shall I look it up for you?
Rachel and I were friends for 3 days. She misquoted a statement by Dr. David Fisman, so he and I corresponded, and I corrected her. I proceeded to explain what the problem was with Boris Johnson's strategy. Suddenly, our friendship was over. https://twitter.com/barryjcooke1/status/1237849353395384320?s=19
To understand Rachel Curran's agenda, it's important to understand her business network, as Thomas Lukaszuk illustrated this morning.
So while Alberta is stockpiling PPE through the month of January ... these people are meeting, in full knowledge that eastern Canada is going to take a big hit, through the Italian communities of Toronto and Montreal. https://twitter.com/LukaszukAB/status/1245508678649647105?s=19
Suddenly this puts this whole "jail Trudeau" agenda in context, does it not?
It's just more of the #hatebook #yellowvester #unitedweroll crap that brought us foreign-funded #blackface innuendo in the October 19 election.
And if you want to understand the role of conservative American-owned Canadian media attempting the Trudeau take down, please see the pinned tweet of my esteemed colleague @MsAmyMacPherson. And learn the truth about Bob Fife et al.

Jail indeed.
This shows just how robust the whackjob "herd immunity" misinfo meme factory is: https://twitter.com/trvrb/status/1249414291297464321?s=19
Robyn Urback - who has participated in Fife's smearing of PHAC & Dr. Tam - thinks you're a conspiracy theorist if you see Stephen Harper as the "wizard behind the curtain" of the "takedown Trudeau" movement.

But look at Thomas Lucaszuk's business network map.

IDU is a curtain.
Lucky me, I get to interface hourly with this paid troll network devoted to this seditious subversive agenda - a bunch of Parscale-paid MAGAs looking to re-elect a genocidal fascist S of 49, using the same propaganda machine to discredit Biden that they used against Hillary.
This tweet needs better context. This is the right thread for it. https://twitter.com/PeterMacKay/status/1249364069892702220?s=19
What these people do not understand is that they are weaving a tapestry through their network of lies. The more they talk the more it reveals of their logic, network connections, and agenda.
Lagasse's comment in a fuller context. https://twitter.com/PhilippeLagasse/status/1249375513975685124?s=19
As a scientist I do not accept the "tragedy" of inefficient policy-making. Some missteps are avoidable. But, yes, the game is the same, no matter who's playing it.
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