The Resident Evil 4 remake will not be good if they use the same formula as the other two remakes. 4 is basically an anime, you are a guy with emo hair saving the Presidents daughter from a cult of crossbow wielding monks and buy guns from a guy with money you found off corpses.
The remakes so far have leaned towards realism and even though 3 remake gets closer to the off the rails tone, it’s still a mile away.
Resident Evil 4, 5 and especially 6 have a very specific over the top tone that the newer ones have left behind, and remaking a game from that era is going to be a gigantic challenge.
Gameplay wise the remakes are fantastic, but thematically and all around style just isn’t there, like it’s kind of boring when half the people playing the game are accidentally cosplaying Jill because she looks like an Old Navy mannequin.
I’m incredibly biased since Resident Evil 4 is easily my favorite game (and I was like 50th in the world for New Game Plus PS4 Speedruns, no big deal I’m just a living legend) but I would like this new game to be good
But judging by the last two remakes, it’ll be rushed or lazy and try to have super relatable characters and slightly realistic with its setting.
Also if Leon doesn’t have a cool voice I’m going to riot. I’d love Paul Mercier to come back, or Matthew Mercer who has been a great Leon in the 2 movies and Resident Evil 6.
Also big brain idea: why don’t they remake the hook man version of Resident Evil 4, that’d be wicked cool, I’ve wanted to see that version forever.
I just made this thread as a told you so, or hopefully a general perspective on what I thought of this when it was announced as a rumor. It’s be really cool if I just looked dumb in 2 years and the game is good. But I guess we’ll see, it may not even really exist.
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