Hey my SidNaaz Family..
This is my first and last post about any advice.
You love them by ur choice they didn't tell you..if u love them then don't expect anything from them they love u that should be enough 4 u guys..
They will not marry http://acc.to  ur choice they(1)
Will marry if they want so stop forcing them..
Just enjoy ur life with ur families and hype them..
If you guys want to be happy just do these things
1- don't fight with anyone just block if they are saying anything against SidNaaz
2- don't believe anybody rather than SidNaaz(2)
3- don't believe any fake news just believe on SidNaaz if they announce their projects
4- don't write anything in their comments just use emojis ❤💫😍😘
4- Sana ki post pe Sana or Sid ki post pe Sid ki bat karo
5- don't do over SNIT which will trigger Solo's like circles and all
5- most important just don't argue with anyone jo kuch bole bss block karte jao or enjoy karo apne FD me khi mat jao..jitna argu karoge wo utna ayege so its better to block them easy way..
Be happy be safe
Virtual hugs to all of you guys🤗 U all r amazing 💫
#SidNaaz Forever
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