We have another time bomb on our hands. You see all those 14-16 year old boys who think school is a bore fest and have decided to make it by Yahoo. When they grow up as young adults who have zero sellable skills and no social welfare. They'll eat you people.
When we said "let's not exalt crime", "let's not celebrate people who are rich without no known source of income", "let us extol the virtues of honest work", "let us sell education as the most valid way out of poverty". A lot of people in their bid to sound woke gave us many
responses. No be by school again, why you dey find the source of person wealth. It is not new to our society, praise singing of dubious men that is. But our parents raised us to aspire to something else. And to an extent we did.

Then came the live fast, die young
generation. Wants to drive the latest car in town at 22, wants to be a billionaire at 25. We praised the ones who signal wealth. No known sources of income. Their faces are plastered across our social sphere. They are the main guys. We forget that sanity is a shared trait.
Whatever insanity we leave unchecked will fester. I remember a particular case when one of the most visible most educated guys on here decided to defend internet fraud.

"I'm not defending internet fraud o, but..." he went on.
This is how we are raising ourselves now. Sanity is a shared social trait and so is insanity. The insanity we regurgitate and make excuses for is being seen as the hip way to live.

This boys do not believe in school and the crunch of real honest work anymore.
They want to be like that guy balling with no known sources of income, we defend that guy so they think that's what they should aspire to.

They are sent to school and join cults who promise them they can help them make money from their syndicated fraud ring.
Their goal is that life. They'll do anything to have it. We the woke people will defend it. But of course these boys lead lives fantasizing about their dubious source of income lives, it becomes a fetish. But of course no be everybody go make am by Yahoo. For every
(insert name of popular yahoo boy), there are 100s who would not make it. The only skill they have left is what they learn in this cults.

How to be a dangerous man.

If you can't scam your way to riches, rob and kill your way to it.

You can't change the rules now.
That's all they know.

I hope you stay woke though. Stay very very woke. Because they are coming.... The children shaped by your own woke opinions.

"When person broke dem no dey find source of him poverty, but when e rich dem go dey ask am, why you no ask am when e broke".
They are coming. Don't ask them.

They are coming. We won't ask them.

They grow every day. Hungrier, more desperate, they grow vicious.

The children of your shared insanity.

They are coming for you, coming to eat you.
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