Jesus had died. Everyone saw him carrying his own cross. He was hung. Precautions were taken to make sure he had breathed his last. His body was entombed. There was mourning and grief. AND THEN. He came back! He was alive!

And no one understood what in the world was happening.
The resurrection was followed by bewilderment, strange encounters, confusion, and disbelief. The impossible happened... and it took everyone a second to connect the dots.

But eventually.
Eventually that confusion turned into revelation. And revelation became purpose + passion.
This is an anxious time. There is so much grief, so much disappointment. But maybe. Just maybe the impossible has already happened.
Maybe the pain and confusion is only part of your story. What if this isn’t the end, even if you don’t understand what could possibly come next?
On this Easter Sunday, it is my great hope that love is already creating something new for you, and all you have to do is hang in there. 💜
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