Kicking the tires on AWS Amplify - a thread
`amplify configure` deleted all the empty profiles in .aws/config - had to explicitly set a region for each empty profile. Turns out I didn't need amplify configure. Looks like it does the same as `aws configure`
Adding Analytics and Authentication. The base CFT is in json. The Cognito CFT is in yaml, the Pinpoint CFT is in json again. Two pizza teams strike again!
Apparently enabling Static Website Hosting doesn't trigger Zelkova to consider the bucket public.
Enabling Block Public Access account-wide disables Static Website Hosting. It doesn't disable the  end point though.
Also, I didn't know there was a sub-page for Access Analyzer on the S3 Console -
I stopped and decided to play with Legos and watch Silicon Valley on @hbomax. I will return to this thread some day
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