National Security Study Memorandum
NSSM 200
Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT)
December 10, 1974

It targeted brown people to reduce fertility-
Globalists-Humans are the problem.
Family Planning was a clever invention to promote Fertility Decline for Globalists. Population Control. It’s all right here in this unclassified Kissinger Report.
Planned Parenthood was specifically cited as a useful tool.
In addition to creating the climate (interesting in light of Climate Change push) for fertility is essential to provide safe and effective techniques for controlling fertility.

The effort to reduce population growth requires a variety of birth control methods...
The following issues are believed important and should be considered in the context of a global population STRATEGY.
...No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion.
Still think #AbortionIsHealthCare ?

Wake the fook up, people.
Higher income families tend to have fewer children, spend more (did you read that?) contrast to...the children of the poor. The latter tend to be more numerous, receiving less of an investment (less spent) per child in their “human capital”...
Population Control
Population Control
@realDonaldTrump see’s right through WHO and plans to defund it.
People need to wake up!
It’s about #PopulationControl
Wake up people it’s past time for divisions by race, gender, age, ethnicity or religion
Globalist Cabal are the perpetrators of all miseries on Planet Earth and we must unite to defeat them.
Peoples of the World must unite.
Say no to:
#fertilitycontrol #PopulationControl
#Eugenics #NWO
We must demand our governments hold #BillGates accountable for the harms caused by his #ForcedVaccination on everyone.
It’s all connected and #WeThePeople have been their target for years. #WakeUpWorld #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
#ForcedVaccines #PopulationControl through bribery and AID poorest targeted countries were the trials only to broaden to Global scale. #SheepNoMore
Inventory of Federal Population Research

This research was cited in Kissinger Report. Look how cleverly it was worded. It’s not Population Research at all, it’s Population reduction research, fertility reduction research, POPULATION CONTROL research US taxes funded.
This may be a difficult red pill for many to swallow, but all these so-called areas of ‘healthcare’ researched are only for Population Control, because they could give a tinkers damn about anything else. Get it?
#NWO #Globalist
Where did the Nazi cult of Population Control get there ideas?

Neo-Malthusian theories, placing a heavy emphasis on reducing population growth in the developing world as a principle aim of foreign development assistance.

I just proved that by posting Kissinger’s Report.
To be continued after our egg hunt...🥰
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