. @USPS is the only organization in America mandated to prefund 15years of retirement money for its employees. Imagine hiring someone and after 3 months. You put 225K in a retirement account for them. #SaveUSPS
This is an opportunity reverse the mandated requirement 4 @USPS. The bill ought to reverse ridiculous law & allow a loan fr retirement funds that can be repaid by the @USTreasury in the case of any National emergency. The repayment in full mandated at the end of such emergency
Doing this will make @USPS solvent for the next 25 years
The bill ought to include the following provision. A prohibition of @USTreasury raiding the retirement accounts of @USPS to pay down the national debt. A requirement to repay all past diverted money immediately.
. @USPS makes a payment between 3 to 5 billion to the retirement fund each year.
By killing @USPS they @gop and @realDonaldTrump will essentially kill vote by mail. We must fight this #COVID19 #coronavirus #VoteByMail #VoteByMail
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