The left is dead as a mainstream movement. Most people are now unwitting reactionaries, unaware of the sheer amount of anti-left propaganda they have swallowed.

It's the greatest political force of fascist times: anti-leftism. That's what elected Trump, Biden, Bolsonaro, Boris.
The most obvious fascists are the flat Earth antivax cloroxiquine types. But most fascists don't fit that profile. They're "liberals." It's the people who reflexively fear any association with so-called "far left" ideas such as capitalism is a slavery system that needs to end.
By being actively or passively anti-left, the vast majority of the population has determined which political force will ultimately prevail, which is fascism.

There is no middle. Default power hates leftism and will gladly help the right oppress and massacre leftists.
By swallowing massive amounts of nonstop anti-left propaganda, people now are emotionally programmed to feel fear and disgust whenever they see any social marker of leftism. It's seen as an "unreasonable extreme."
That is why leftists must embrace things like Universal Basic Income. That's a godsend narrative that has pierced that propaganda-induced emotional-reactive wall in the mainstream.
It is hilarious that the right is fretting over UBI being "socialism" while actual socialists mostly hate it and communists racuously laugh at the thought that the Capitalist class will ever just give money to every person on Earth.
But the mainstream mass of unwitting "liberal" reactionaries who think revolution is to cast a vote for a harmless center-left social democrat like Lula, Sanders or Corbyn, has understood UBI. They love it.

That's a door for undoing anti-leftism.
UBI is a path into the minds of the majoritarian, propagandized population, which may allow them to deprogram themselves.

Which is the only way to defeat anti-leftism. Which is the matrix force behind fascism.
Fascism is an opportunistic infection. It happens as a side-effect of ruling class propaganda destroying people's basic senses of right and wrong.
This is what happened in the 1930's. That's how you get an entire population to go along with horrors: they can't psychologically see them, let alone their role in them.

That's all I do, and it's difficult for *me* to fight liberal anti-left propaganda inside of my own mind.
Unfortunately, leftists are thrown into a catatonic, reactive state, and are unable to make the best of the current situation. They won't engage in deprogramming work and they won't have the necessary patience to guide the e.g. "yang blue hats" out of anti-left propaganda.
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