Happy Easter everyone! In Italy, Easter is a big event and is celebrated with - of course - traditional delicious food. Let me introduce you to some of the traditional Italian Easter dishes 1/
The queen of Easter food, the pastiera napoletana is a type of Neapolitan tart made with cooked wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese, and flavoured with orange flower water. According to the legend, it was the mermaid Partenope herself who created this delicious dish! 2/
Another Neapolitan Easter dish is the casatiello, a salted cake made with cheese, cured meat and eggs. It's shaped as a donut in order to symbolize the cyclicity of death and resurrection, while the stripes of bread over the eggs symbolize Jesus' cross 3/
The impanata pasquale is a traditional Easter dish from Ragusa, Sicily. They're a sort of focaccia (typical italian bread) filled with lamb meat cooked in red wine. This recipe dates back to the Spanish domination in Sicily! 4/
The torta pasqualina (Easter cake) is a traditional savory tart from Liguria. It's filled with erbs, cheese and eggs, foods that were traditionally eaten during important celebrations. 5/
Finally, something that can't miss in a typical Italian Easter celebration: a giant chocolate egg! I just recently learned that eating chocolate eggs for Easter is not a worldwide tradition, what a shock!! 6/6
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