A LOT of university student organizations are refusing to endorse @JoeBiden.

I'm sure there are dozens of other university groups I've missed (i.e. every single @YDSA_ group - I highly doubt they're endorsing either,) but here are the ones I found after a quick search.
I'm no political strategist, but I feel like trying to win over university organizations should at least factor into a campaign's plan to win a Presidential election.
I mean, if you want to #GOTV for your guy, wouldn't it make sense to reach out to young, energetic volunteers with access to millions of university students, faculty, & staff?
The problem with politicians like @JoeBiden, is they have this air about them that suggests we owe them our vote without serving our needs. In the case of universities, look no further than Medicare-for-All, Student Debt Gorgiveness, and the Green New Deal.
University is meant to prepare students for the future. What future do the millions of students across the US have to look forward to if there is no clean air or water, and no path for them to escape crushing student & medical debt?
I hope those in the Democratic party, corporate news media, and their billionaire, oligarch masters pushing Biden pay dearly for their selfishness and greed.

We need to vote for local and state offices. We need to at least take the House & Senate. And we need a general strike.
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