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[LB5 Spoilers] After Musashi leaves Russia (Lostbelt 1), she meets the Chaldea man in the ruins of North Europe. They traveled together for a while. The Chaldea man is already giving elements of Atlantic thanks to Clairvoyance. I like his hateful way of saying "I know". #FGO
[LB5 Spoilers] Musashi mentions later that his ability to travel from a world/period to a another word/period is affected. She can't do it anymore. Musashi can only move from one place to another place in the same world/period. #FGO
Chaldea man announced to Musashi that she will die during LB5. This doesn't prevent Musashi to continue to fight and help Chaldea. I really like the fact that we can read Musashi's thoughts. It's amazing to find that his thoughts are more serious than his eternal joyful face.
[LB5 Spoilers] In the last chapters. Musashi's grand finale. Musashi says that if she can't defeat Zeus, it's possible for her to defeat Kaos's eye that burns the sky. In a serie of magnificent illustrations, Musashi offers us his last move. I cried a lot. It was 02:00 am.
After LB5, informations about Musashi is Data Lost in My Room. Why Data lost? I have two ideas.
- Musashi doesn't come from our world, his death is final. We can't summon this Musashi in our world.
- Ritsuka delete Musashi's Data. Same denial for Romani's face and name. #FGO
[LB5] Hmm... Excuse me. I have talked a lot about Musashi Miyamoto. I really like Musashi. I like its historical version and its versions in Fate. Shimosa was very hard for me. Living Musashi's death a second time was really difficult. Thanks, Musashi-chan. I will not forget you.
Black Barrel is a formidable weapon of destruction. This weapon can kill Olympus Gods (the final blow). A command seal is required for Mashu to fire. After the shot, Ritsuka is drained of energy and unable to move. Black Barrel has the most epic animation in story. Badass Mashu!
[LB5 Spoilers] Wodime's past. He is considered a prodigy at 15 years. His father sends assassins to kill him (classic story in mage families). Kirsh is hit by anti-magus bullets (like origin bullets) and is seriously injured, almost dead. He is saved by a dirty little boy. #FGO
[LB5 Spoilers] After that Kirsch realizes that he is an arrogant and selfish mage. He finally recognizes human value. This child had no nobility, no interest in helping a stranger. However, he gave everything to save this stranger. Wodime decides to be better in the future. #FGO
Kirsch is the only Crypter for the Alien God. The others don't matter to the AG. The role of Wodime was to cultivate the Fantasy Tree to prepare the arrival of the AG on earth. Kirsch was constantly watched by the Priestess and the three Alter Ego (Ashiya, Kirei and Muramasa).
[LB5] Kirsch knows that the Alien God has no interest in humans. Wodime secretly tries to ruin the plan of AG. The plan is to summon the Servant Atlas using the power intended for AG. With Atlas, Wodime wants to elevate humanity to divine. Nobody knows his plan except Caenis.
Wodime said he only has energy left for one fight. It comes from the bullets he received in the past. The horrible damage and pain caused by bullets on Wodime's magic circuits did not promise him a long life, his days were numbered. Wodime especially wanted his plan to succeed.
[LB5 Spoilers] Kirsch looked like an arrogant mage. In reality, he was a good person. He liked the other Crypters. He places great importance on the memories he has with them. He is the one who resuscitated the other Crypters. His relationship with Caenis is beautiful. #FGO
[LB5] Beryl betrays Wodime and stabs him. Alien God is summoned, the plan failed. Before dying, Wodime uses his last strength to use Anima Animusphere one last time. This surprises Alien God. Chaldea runs away. Wodime has definitely become that better person he wanted to be.
[LB5] Caenis is still Kirsh's Servant. She agrees to help Chaldea thanks to Gordolf (with the help of delicious fluffy croissants) and because she feels hatred towards the Olympus Gods. She returns to the side of her Master at the end to fight Chaldea. #FGO
Caenis greatly supported Wodime. His loyalty was not due to the exceptional charisma of Kirschtaria. She knew the truth about Wodime's plan against the Alien God. After Kirsch's death, Caenis transforms into a magnificent golden bird and leaves for his last fight against Chaldea.
Caenis is not considered a woman or a man on FGO (like QSH or Astolfo). I use "She" because Caenis is the name of the Lancer.

"As a male referred to as Caeneus when alive. The name Caenis comes from the life led as a female."

Finally, a fact: Caenis really liked his Master.
[LB5 Spoilers] The Dioscuri are always together without ever being a moment apart, the inseparable twins. They are the childs of Zeus. After falling in battle to Kirschtaria Wodime, they made a contract with him. Thus, they became the second Servant of Wodime. #FGO
[LB5] Castor learned the legends of his Pan-human version in human history. Considering himself dishonored by humans, he ended up hating them. Pollux then experienced the same hatred because of the harm done to his brother. The twins became violent and vicious against humans.
The Dioscuri summoned in Chaldea come from Pan-human history. They don't have as much hatred as their Lostbelt counterparts. Castor's Spirit is formed as an Avenger class due to its mental state. Pollux, formed as a Saber class, is more pleasant and tries to calm his brother.
Wodime tells Kadoc that he no longer needs him and can do whatever he wants. In secret, Kadoc decides to help Chaldea. He helps Chaldea to escape Talos and Dioscuri. He then wears a hood and a long coat to hide his identity. But Holmes denounces him with a epic "You are Kadoc".
[LB5] Kadoc continues to live to honor his promise to Anastasia. He has doubts about Wodime and investigates. He tries to find Wodime's computer password but fails. Kadoc consults Ophelia's archives instead. He discovers that Ophelia had the same doubts as him about Wodime...
[LB5] Unfortunately, Ashiya Douman surprises Kadoc on Wodime's computer and stabs him. Severely injured Kadoc crawls to the garden. Rasputin is there. The priest has meanwhile no reason to attack Kadoc. Kadoc collapses here, saying that there are surely nobler ways to die.
[LB5] Once Olympus is defeated, we learn that Kirei has brought Kadoc to Chaldea. Don't worry, Kadoc is in care. So Rasputin held the promise to Anastasia. Once again, Anastasia saves Kadoc. Chaldea plans to interrogate him later. Kadoc will be present in the next chapter!
[LB5] Like Kadoc, Peperoncino has doubts about Wodime's intentions. He decides to speak to him. Pepe tells Wodime that using Sirius Light is dangerous, recalling that it cost Ophelia's life. He wonders if Marisbury intended to use the Team A (Crypters) knowing that. #FGO
[LB5] Pepe knows that no Lostbelt will win and cause a new humanity. He knows that the Alien God will destroy all Lostbelts after descending on Earth. Like Kadoc, Pepe is going to help Chaldea in secret. He works with a mysterious collaborator.
Pepe has grudge against Ashiya Douman who ruined the India Lostbelt. End of Olympus, Pepe takes his revenge by destroying the immortality of Ashiya. Now, Doman's next death will be final. Wodime's memories revealed that Pepe is able to know how much time he has left to live. #FGO
[LB5] In Wodime's memories in America, Pepe says that he will not live until the final singularity (Solomon). This represents many months, but only months. Pepe may die in the next chapters. My heart bleeds... Pepe is a really good guy!
[LB5] Beryl notices the absence of Kadoc (who helps Chaldea in secret). He charms Aphrodite for informations. He promises in exchange to talk about the fairies from his Lostbelt. In Wodime's memories, Beryl reveals that his mother lived in a forest. Beryl grew up in a forest?
[LB5] Beryl and Tamamovich discuss. Beryl seems worried about where to go after the inevitable disappearance of his LB. Beryl seduces Tama by promising her the legendary Dragon Albion, living in LB6. Tamamo insults Beryl of half-breed wolf. Wolf? Forest, Command spells, Wolf...
[LB5] Beryl ruined Wodime's plans. The fire from the tree of his Lostbelt (LB6) spreads to the tree of Olympus. He tries to kill Ritsuka and manages to stab Wodime. Beryl wants Wodime's plan to fail. His motivation? Beryl doesn't want a utopian world where he can't kill anyone.
Beryl suddenly screams "I'm here!! Try to kill me!!" and a light appears in the sky. It's Rhongomyniad who shoots! Wodime uses its last forces to block Rhondomyniad to protect everyone. Beryl escapes with Tama, probably to return in LB6. This happens before the Alien God appears.
[LB5] Sherlock questions Tamamovich about his real intentions. It is obvious that she doesn't really have a camp. Holmes mentions that the conditions for Grand Servants were presents in Atlantis and Olympus due to the presence of Tama. Holmes then says "You are a Beast."!
[LB5] Tamamovich had a contract with the Alien God which consisted in not revealing his identity of Beast but since Chaldea knows... Tamamovich takes his form of Beast and attack. As the fight isn't to his advantage, Tama stops the fight. She returns to its original appearance.
[LB5] Tamamovich doesn't have a "true name" according to one of his responses to Holmes. Likewise, its shape was not complete. She seems to be a "young" Beast. Holmes in his report to rest of Chaldea didn't mention the Beast. Gordolf is surprised to read an almost empty report.
[LB5] Three tweets about Tamamo Vitch without any image of her (I didn't screen her). One of my friends gives you this picture. I take this opportunity to note that Tamamovich has "affection" for magical creatures. She wants to acquire Albion and help Beryl for that reason.
Albion was a legendary mountain-sized dragon. The Clock Tower was built on top of his body. Even though Albion is dead, his body continues to be a source of power. It is a kind of labyrinth with at its end the Reverse Side of the World.

And... He is still alive in LB6.
[LB5] The twins are Macarios & Adele. They are residents of Olympus. Last survivors of the Alliance of God Slayers. Like all residents of Olympus, they have regenerative abilities that make them immortal. The only way for them to die is an attack from the Gods themselves.
[LB5] The twins have been alive for over 10,000 years and have grown tired of eternity. They help Chaldea destroy Olympus to... die. During their actions with Chaldea, they felt like they were living again because "Today was different from yesterday." They were really great...
[LB5] Olympus Gods. They came to Earth a long time ago. In their "mecha" form they are the "Olympian fleet" (ships). There have been 4 big wars in the history of Olympus, the most violent was that between the Gods. After this war, Zeus modified the remaining Gods to rule.
Zeus has the Chronos Crown that gives him all power over Olympus. He has the strength of the 12 Gods. Zeus secretly plans to overthrow Alien God. But the real plan is to abandon Earth and transform Olympus into a space colony. He intended to destroy the earth and Alien God with.
[LB5] Demeter & Aphrodite. They both receive orders from Zeus to destroy Chaldea by any means. They take their form of ship to fight. Demeter is very affected by his memories of war because Zeus forced her to kill Persephone. Aphrodite has regrets for Hephaestus, but hides them.
Prometheus=Hephasteus. They merged after being beaten during the War of the Gods. He is a mecha. He is the mysterious collaborator who helps Chaldea to make a catalyst system to summon a Grand Servant to defeat Zeus. He dies killed by Ashiya. Muramasa was a disciple of Hepha.
Kaos/Chaos, origin of all gods and possessor of all their authorities. His Eye ignites the sky after the death of Zeus. It is able to erase an existence in a single blink of this Eye. It can wipe out 37% of the earth's surface in a single attack. But, that smiling girl was there.
[LB5] No one detected Muramasa before he appeared by himself. He moves like an Assassin class. Muramasa announces upon his appearance that his mission (from Zeus) is to kill Chaldea. Because of his direct and relaxed attitude, no one attacks him, not Chaldea, not the allies.
Muramasa guess him and Musashi have met because she doesn't pull his swords. Muramasa is one of the 3 Alter Ego of the Alien God. He finally doesn't care about Chaldea, already busy at work (Alien God > Zeus), and promises not to reveal Chaldea's position to the others Alter Ego.
Muramasa was the disciple of Hephasteus. His mission was to protect Hepha. It is with (emotional) blackmail that Hepha gets Muramasa's help to make the anti-god weapon which will later become Black Barrel (it was the last scene from LB5-1) and for the creation of the catalyst.
Muramasa leaves when the catalyst is almost finished. He points out that his work (from Hepha) is finished and that he can move on to the next one. He says he'll come back later to kill Chaldea. Muramasa also reveals that the Alien God is coming and that he is his guardian.
After Olympus, once the Alien God descended to earth. Muramasa talks with Kirei about the "true" power of the Alien God. It is decided that Muramasa will go to the Beryl's Lostbelt (LB6) to defeat the threat that the King of this LB represents for the Alien God. Muramasa in LB6.
Sengo Muramasa will be in Lostbelt n°6. He goes to LB6 to defeat the threat. I think he will be our ally. Nasu posted on his blog that Muramasa had two roles. LB6 will likely be Muramasa's last role in FGO Story. Prepare your SQ.
[LB5] Europa. Panhuman Europa which absorbed Hera. She sincerely loves humans. Europa acts like a loving mother, she is a gentle (and cute) person. She stands against Zeus to protect humans who are "stuck" in their progression. She collaborates with Hephasteus and helps Chaldea.
[LB5] Tesla, Mordred, Helena, Edison, Mordred, Kintoki... All Panhuman servants died at Olympus. There remains of them only a AI which continues to fight against the Gods of Olympus by helping Chaldea. They set up the ritual for Summoning the Grand Servant.
A fragment of Kintoki is used to invoke his Noble Phantasm "Great Settsu-type Armor: Kumano" which takes the form of a mecha-Samurai. This mecha helps us defeat Aphrodite and Zeus. VS Zeus, the mecha embodies the Roman God Mars. He is wiped by an attack from Kaos/Chaos.
Caligula was in a cryogenic sleep, hidden in the twins' house. He is sane despite his class. Caligula is considered an advantage against the Gods of Olympus. In order to defeat Zeus, Caligula sacrifices himself. He uses his body as a final catalyst to summon the Grand Servant.
[LB5] The purpose of "Operation: God Slayer" was to summon a Grand Servant to defeat the Gods of Olympus. Summoning this Grand Servant required a lot of preparations, sacrifices and the fulfillment of specific conditions. Grand Lancer Romulus=Quinrus has manifested.
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