Do we realize how amazing some of the things we read in the Bible are? I'll take one. The story of how Egypt dealt with a worldwide famine because of the wisdom of a foreigner. Joseph had the wisdom to stock up so much food in Egypt, moving people en masse to create space
... Building more cities specifically for storage, mobilising security for the food, living normally in the midst of plenty, keeping food prices economic by keeping the surplus off the market, sustaining profitable production by using govt power to retain the excess.
When Egypt fell into famine, he didn't just give out the food for free. He took all the money from the people (they didn't have what to do with it except buy food). When the money was finished, he took their livestock. When that was done, he took all the land in the country.
There was food in Egypt for 7 years of famine. Not only that, they solved food distribution for the world. People came from all over the known world to get food and seed from Egypt. There was no chaos, no war to seize the food. Everything was done profitably.
What we need in crisis is wisdom for our leaders.
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