In SA land invasions are most often staged by criminal/political syndicates that occupy land and then allocate for patronage or profit. Typically they sell the stands for a fee, mainly to aspirant landlords who build structure on them which they then rent to new arrivals.
It’s a criminal racket to which most local authorities pay a blind eye. It’s a destructive and harmful activity not least of all because it’s not planned with a view to public health and services. Vide fires and epidemics. It’s also an exploitative rent seeking business.
Land invaders abuse our strong legal protections against evictions. Once people are settled on invaded land it’s almost impossible to move them. So the invasion has to be stopped before the shacks are properly occupied. Land invaders know this so they plan.
First step is, you mark the stands and clear them. Then you allocate them to tenants and buyers who are told to start stockpiling building materials, typically corrugated iron sheets and wood. On the big day everyone moves in at once.
The idea is to get the structures up and occupied before the authorities arrive and demolish the structures. They can’t demolish them if they are occupied. So it’s critical to have some Gogos, children and babies on the scene with a coupla plastic chairs and a blanket ready.
They need to move in smartly, if you make it past 48 hours you are likely good. It also helps to have the gogos and children there ASAP so that if the authorities do start breaking, there is some video footage of gogos and crying children as backdrop to the violent destruction.
The media and some well intentioned SJW’s swallow this kind of shit wholesale. They should perhaps focus their energies on the dire need for proper and effective urban planning and development and putting their weight behind ensuring that happens.
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