Just popped out to say hello this Sunday and how’s it going ? I recently shared a video where my therapist , Sukanya had spoken about how to handle #anxiety during this #lockdown. In case you haven’t seen the video, am just sharing some key points that she had said #mentalhealth
There is bound to be a certain amount of #anxiety for everyone , so let’s it ourselves some slack . But watch out for signs . The signs are seen in the physical body, our behavior , cognitive abilities and in our emotions #mentalhealth
Treat every toxic and negative thought as a hot potato and drop it. The moment the mind starts going into a spiral, think of a hot potato in your hand and drop it immediately #mentalhealth #anxiety
Focus on healing yourself and self care first . Take up any challenge, especially related to physical fitness only if your body is ready for it #mentalhealth #anxiety
It’s ok if you are not productive . Remember that you are taking time out to heal yourself #mentalhealth #anxiety
Spend time with friends and family and connect with them using the in the internet . Speak to them to resolve your doubts . It’s better than speaking to yourself . #mentalhealth #anxiety
Physical exercises is a must . If you can’t walk in your apartment just move around or do some stretches. Do meditation or breathing exercises #Mentalhealth #Anxiety
Avoid social media if possible and don’t consume every news on #COVID . You don’t need to update yourself with every update . It’s not a scorecard #MentalHealth #anxiety
Have a routine . A simple schedule . Dress up and have a glass of wine with your friend online . Or play a game with your family . Have a schedule that helps you deal with chores. #MentalHealth #Anxiety
Write a journal to keep track of your thoughts and patterns . Try a gratitude journal which will help you deal with the negative emotions . #Mentalhealth #Anxiety
And maintain a balance between personal and professional spaces if you are working from home . These lines may blur and it helps to be a bit flexible #MentalHealth #Anxiety
There are many more , especially about managing kids and also concerns about working from home . I personally liked the one where she speaks about the concepts of circle of concern and circle of influence . Watch more in this video #mentalhealth #Anxiety
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