As many discuss the Post-covid world, though also crystal gazing as to when it will arrive as we are in the midst of the Covid world, one thing is certain: the elite, especially the so called "intellectual" elite in India will have their bubble burst in many many ways. (1/n)
Superbly disconnected from reality, mind-numbingly tone deaf and amazingly arrogant, they personify irony and hypocrisy, and are not even gracious enough to even listen to another POV, while ofcourse preaching tolerance to their own POVs and demanding (not earning) respect. (2/n)
Last week, as millions across the country came out to light candles and diyas as a mark of solidarity, the elite were quick to label all who participated as fools and idiots who were unable to see through the drama by the Prime Minister. (3/n)
Apparently, those who came out, instantly labelled as 'Bhakts', were the middle class who were couped up in their dwellings and feeling guilty about their moral bankruptcy at leaving the poor high and dry and in a limbo. Let alone that many in the poor also participated. (4/n)
Also completely ignoring the fact that many in the middle class are figuring out how to pay the EMIs for their dwellings while also doing their own bit to contribute. The elite just discuss these things, the middle class actually acts. (5/n)
The elite mocked those who participated, while they could have respectfully disagreed. Mind you these are the same who believe everything they do deserves to be accepted because we need to be tolerant. But this is not where their hypocrisy stops. (6/n)
Quick to cry about #fakenews and misinformation, they are the first ones to spread it when it suits them. A theory about how lighting of candles was to actually celebrate BJP's founding day was widely circulated by them. Conjecture as best, conspiracy theory at worst. (7/n)
If any NRI gives suggestions to India, praises the government or supports a particular action, they're quickly dismissed again as Bhakts and deserters who fled their country. However, anything Raghuram Rajan says is the gospel truth. (8/n)
Raghuram Rajan is no doubt smart and intelligent, he's more connected and sensible than the elite who support him, and in turn reduce what he's saying to mere finger pointing than constructive criticism. Again their selectivness is epic. (9/n)
These are the same people who are quick to give credit of anything to non-BJP Chief Ministers, while pushing all the blame to the Prime Minister Modi. Never mind the the FACT that health and law and order is a state subject. Facts only matter when they want it to. (10/n)
Now the air is so clean that these people from their balconies can see the Statue of Liberty weeping at what Donald Trump has done to the amazing United States of America. They wish that the air continues to remain so clean, forgetting the irony when they say this. (11/n)
Yes, it's wonderful to have such clean air and steps must be taken to curb pollution, but to wish it to be the same, do they even realise at what cost? A complete standstill of activity where actually the poor suffer the most while the elite enjoy their 'clean air' (12/n)
Concern for the poor lasts as long as it's not coming in the way of their comfort. They don't want to be in Government hospitals when suspected with virus and will use influence to move to private ones, but will let the poor to die in these Govt hospitals (13/n)
The post covid world will see things we have never seen or experienced before. It will require all of us come together and arrive at solutions - and the elite can really help in that. But their sheer intransigence will make a more secluded and disconnected lot. (14/n)
They will have outsized influence on Twitter, TV studios and opeds. But they will keep becoming more irrelevant as the world charts a new course. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to embibe the ideals they preach to others: respect and tolerance - NOW. (15/15)
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