Woeful non-answers from Alok Sharma- dodging very important questions from @SophyRidgeSky over whether the UK acted too slowly to enact lockdown, or whether advice changed. Says "we can have a discussion around the timeline on all of this" but the focus should be the here and now
Now Sharma's refused an opportunity to apologise to healthcare workers who don't have enough PPE... says “I completely accept it is up to the government to make sure we fix this" but stops short of actually making an apology. Instead he says he's sorry "for the loss of any life"
More signs Boris Johnson won't be back in action for a good long while - Sharma says it is important for him to “have the rest” and be “fully fit”.
Keir Starmer tells Ridge there will be "difficult questions" about whether government was too slow to act, but “now is not the time for those”.

Like Alok Sharma, he says focus should be on the here and now and protecting the NHS.
UPDATE - Sharma has now told the BBC's Andrew Marr: "I’m incredibly sorry that people feel they are not able to get this equipment."

(Critics will say it's an apology for how people feel, like Patel's, rather than for the issue)

Adds: "It's self-evident that we need more PPE."
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