"Instead of looking at Italian development, we thought we were different. We have been 2-3 weeks behind reality." Spain is not alone in that.

Next tweet incredible- what it's like to see the ICU team come and evaluate you... https://twitter.com/vbaosv/status/1249238228483309568
"It is impressive to see in front of you 4 people (ICU + anesthetists) to see how you speak, how you breathe, what face you have, you impress seriously or not, with its multiparameter monitor seeing how you are desaturated when speaking (I spoke choppy, tachypneic ...)"
"we continue to see the great need for patients to go to that level and the shortage, the limitations of ICU positions, it gives me goose bumps. I know what it's like to be at that door & need it & it's terrible. In this virus that is devastating & annihilating so many people."
"I began to eat by removing the mask for a short time, that I did not need to urinate in the bottle, that I could go to the bathroom & come back a minute or two without oxygen. That I could take a shower, blessed shower! that makes you feel like a worthy person again"
Let us continue to demand the best conditions to care for patients, let us continue to applaud everyone who helps to overcome this situation... supermarket employees, security forces, transporters, caretakers of those elderly people who are dying in dire conditions ...
"it has never been clearer that society is all of us and we all need each other to function with dignity and efficiency."

- @vbaosv
(With help from Google translate)
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