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Total Confirmed cases growing in India, but at lower rate. The total number of Active COVID cases are doubling every 7 days.
The compound daily growth rate of confirmed cases is 13.38%....watch this statistic closely. And hope it begins to decline soon.
1) 5Day Moving Median of new confirmed cases.
2) 5Day Moving Median of daily COVID deaths.
1) Total confirmed cases for hotspot countries and India.
2) Total deaths in hotspot countries and India.
How they #FlattenTheCurve :
1) France, Spain & Italy - yet to show conclusive decline in active cases.
2)Germany & South Korea - conclusively reduced active cases.
3) China - a country that fit the God’s curve (normal distribution) ...but can’t ban wet markets?!🤔
The COVID death rates:
1) Low but growing in India.
2) Low and slowing in Japan & South Korea.
3) High but slowing in France, Italy & Spain.
4) High and growing in Belgium & Sweden.
1) Daily COVID deaths in hotspot countries and India.
2) Change in daily deaths from previous day.
Confirmed positive COVID cases as a % of total tests = 4.3%
Total tests conducted = 1,79,374
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