#MMT explains how, by whom, & for whom the system works. It shines a bright light on the existing power structures. It reveals that a better world is within reach. Hence, the uncomfortable policy observation that decouples spending from taxation at the federal/national level. 1/n https://twitter.com/TheKouk/status/1248856833575378945
First, you spend on national priorities, health, edu, infrastructure... Then tax the ultra rich to reduce inequality, to reduce their power & influence in politics, to save democracy from oligarchy; not because we need their money or permission to fund healthcare or education 2/n
Tax Wall St. to reduce speculation, tax fossil fuels to decarbonize. Not because we need their money or permission to pay for #GreenNewDeal #MedicareForAll.
That's the uncomfortable truth that elites, corrupt politicians, lobbyists, gatekeepers, superPACs, MSM want to hide. They want you to believe that their financial success is what funds public services, so you should be grateful for their generosity
#CallTheirBluff #ParadigmShift
So please stop spreading ignorant opinions about #MMT. If you insist on it, then you're clearly part of the groups mentioned above. 5/5
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