The mystery of the model3 in-cabin "selfie" cam is slowly clearing.

huge thanks to @davidhooperr for performing a bunch of research and providing the car.

The images are not perfect but at least we get the idea of the coverage now.
The sensor is the same aptina as the rest of the cams. Color filter appears to be RCCB but debayering failed so far. Resolution is also same 1280x960
Besides driver pose eye tracking also seems to be possible at least to a degree
WRT the passenger monitoring - front passenger is visible, but not the seat nor dash and not the glovebox and any other important things
rear passengers are even less visible
except the poor guy tucked into the middle, I guess.

So I don't think this was planned as a passenger monitor cam. More likely it was planned for driver monitoring from the get go. Except door-side driver's arm and steering wheel are not seen and seem important for that?
Other quashed dreams: none of the mirrors are visible and overall pretty much nothing outside the car, so people hoping this will add coverage for autopilot are out of luck.

Now what are YOUR theories about the purpose of this cam in light of this info?
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