Rza got his mic from a karaoke bar in Korea town.
So when Rza just said he was going further uptown, did he mean Yonkers???!!!!!
I can’t believe Premier is figuring out the playlist on the fly.
Can we all agree on one way to abbreviate and spell DJ Premier’s name?
The Nas round was the Sophie’s choice of Instagram beat battles
I’ve been watching a lot of Hakeem Olajuwon in the 94 finals and it reminds me of what Primo is doing right now.
Just wanted to point out @adrienbrody is all over the comment thread.
I’m done keeping score. Fuck it everyone wins.
I love the idea that this battle goes until rzas wife want to go to sleep.
Go to 100
Take me to the club where they played “Criminology” in the 90s.
Why is Rza drinking gin rn
At one point there was 200k people watching this and now there 187k and all I have to say to those 13k people is fuck yourself.
I think @Grafh just got a shout?
This is the rap Super Bowl.
Back up in D&D on this primo track.
You could make a decent case these are the two best producers of all time.
Can’t believe he pulled out return of the crooklyn dodgers. In 95 we take back Ebbets field!
So what I really love about this is in the end it wasn’t even competitive, just two legends sharing mutual appreciation, their work and their stories.
I want to dedicate this thread to hip hop itself.
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